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Home Additions Addison, IL

When it comes to home additions Addison residents always look for companies that can provide stylish yet cost-effective results. Here at Illinois Home Additions, we have a team of dedicated builders who are committed to providing quality services—from the initial discussions and the design stage to the construction process and finishing touches. So, whether you need a kitchen bump-out, a bathroom extension, or mother-in-law suite addition plans, you can trust that the experts at Illinois Home Additions will provide you with the ideal solution.

Our Comprehensive Home Addition Services Include:

Kitchen Addition

By working with a certified kitchen designer, you can ensure that you will have a bigger and fully functional space for cooking, dining, and relaxing. You will feel like you are in a brand new home.

Bathroom Addition

Building a new bathroom can be an expensive project to undertake. However, by extending your existing structure, you can get all the comfort and functionality you need without burning a hole in your pocket.

Master suite Addition

We promise to stay under budget when expanding the footprint of your master bedroom. Feel great knowing that when it is done, it is exactly what you wanted and agreed upon.

family room Addition

Your growing family and changing lifestyle require a bigger space. Opting for a family room addition is the perfect way to accommodate your needs without spending too much.

Sunroom Addition

Have a beautiful lounge area bathed in natural sunlight without forking up a huge sum of money. You can even have an indoor garden in the winter. Go ahead, we say give this project a go!

Garage Addition

By choosing the custom garage builders Addison homeowners recommend, you can ensure that you will have a storage room/carport that will blend well with the design of your house.

Why choose Illinois home additions

Illinois Home Additions has a team of expert addition contractors. Aside from that, we also offer architectural designs when you need 2D or 3D models for your home remodeling in Addison. We will discuss your preferences and budget carefully. Trust that we’ll come up with a design that suits your lifestyle and needs perfectly.

Home additions are the bulk of our work but our Passion live in designing and making your dreams a reality. We are also certified kitchen designers and bathroom remodeling contractors. Our main architect has over 50 years of design experience. He began in the remodeling business  in 1968. He started simply by drawing his plans a plain piece of paper. Though it was time consuming, he managed to complete all that was asked of him with rave reviews. At first, what was a hobby became a job and then became a passion and a career. After moving his family to Illinois he decided to do this for real. His company has helped thousands of homeowners to make their dreams a reality. Between a simple kitchen addition or a large family room remodel, we can do it all.

Many homeowners buy their home when they only need a small amount of space. Over time they need to expand. Buying a new home not only means moving to a new neighborhood, but saving a lot of money for a down payment. Moving can cost thousands. Moving is a hassle for children of school age. Imagine your kids have lots of friends and they love their teachers. You may have become close with your neighbors or love your dead end street. Do you really want to uproot and start again? Remodeling an already existing structure or adding a large new addition is a great way to make your home support a growing family.

From beginning to completion you are in control of the entire project. Our architects have wonderful listening skills as well as design skills. They’re able to turn your visualization into a 3D model to give you an exact look of how your remodel will look. We do this so that you can know exactly what you’re getting and so we can price accordingly. You should always be skeptical of a contractor that gives you a rough estimate of price to complete your project. Anyone that estimates a price without knowing exactly what fixtures you want or the exact footprint of the remodel does not know what it will really cost. Our contractors will give you an exact amount to the dollar. There are no hidden fees and your exact design will be completed in the end.

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