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REMODELING and home addition SERVICES


Discovery Retainer

After initial payment we will conduct an interview with you to fully understand your goals and requirements for your project. Measurements are taken along with photos of the existing property. The reason for this is to determine if your project can be done within your budget. Next, you will receive a digital copy detailing all the labor and material costs. This will give you the ability to send a quote request to other contractors for bidding. The benefit of this is to get an exact amount of how much your project will cost. At that point you can make a rational decision on whether you would like to go forward, adjust the scope of work, or opt out of the project. An initial projection is very important to determine how much your project will really cost and whether other contractors are able to provide the service within that cost.


Pre-Existing Floor Plan Visualization

With this option we will measure and prepare your existing floor plans showing the pre-existing layout. You will receive a digital copy of the plans that can be printed, emailed, shared.


Visualization Software Bonus

Our unique approach to visualization of your project will give you a better idea of the end result before it even begins. Sometimes it’s hard to get a clear picture of exactly what you want and the design of the finished product. We put your design into a 3D image for you to view at your convenience.


Conceptual Plans

After your plans are finalized, the next step consists of preparing two and three dimensional concepts to show the full intent of the project. These plans are of photo quality and include two hours of revisions that you may need. A digital copy of the plans will be emailed to you. These visual plans can be sent to the bank for appraisal or any other contractors to obtain pricing bids.


Scope of Work Optional Add-on

After your visual plans are completed our company will develop and review in detail of all of the items needed for your project completion. We will determine the unit number, description, quantity and cost. A copy will be sent to you and you may send it to the bank for appraisal or any other contractors for bidding.


Design and Product selection add-on

We feel this optional add-on is really not optional. We have an expert designer on our staff that will help you to choose materials that work together nicely and make your space the one you really want. By choosing this add-on, you will save a lot of money on materials and supplies. Our company will have a designer help you with your material selections. Fixture styles, colors and textures to name a few. We also give you the ability to buy at wholesale cost. We do not provide a markup on any of these items.


Permit ready Plans

Choosing this option prepares your conceptual plans to be ready for a permit. We will provide as many revisions and printed copies as needed plus five copies for additional use. You will also receive an e-mailed copy of the completed plans. To apply for a permit you will need these plans.


Permits, Surveys & Bonds

By choosing this plan we will prepare and apply for your building permit on your behalf. Once the permit is secured we will collect the permit fees for submission.



During your renovation or home addition services you will need periodic inspections. Our team is able to perform on-site inspection during and/or after construction. We include a written report of the progress and our findings. This option is priced per visit.


Engineering Variances

Often times there are other parts to a renovation that aren’t even considered. You may need surveying, plats, topos, septic tanks, variances and other services as needed. We are able to provide every service needed in order for your project to be completed.


Savings On Materials

This option is the most unique and equally as exciting. Working with our vendors, you will get to choose your products at wholesale cost. While other contractors may markup their prices exponentially, we pass on the exact savings to you. There are no hidden fees and you get to see exactly what every single item costs.


Photo Quality Renderings

Another unique option is our photo quality renderings. Our company will prepare 3D photo quality images of the complete project and floor plans, elevations, and interior shots of important areas. These photos can be used for marketing or to show potential clients what the space will look like when it’s completed.


Health Department Approval

Leave the heavy lifting to us. If you need to file any paperwork with the health department, let us do that for you. We work with the county health department to get your plans approved for permit application. We fill out all the paperwork and there is no responsibility left to you.

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